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“Psychology cannot tell people how they ought to live their lives. It can however, provide them with the means for effecting personal and social change.”

Albert Bandura, Social Learning Theory

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Psychological Assessment Services

Assessment and Consultation Services

Providing telehealth Psychological Assessment and Consultation. Specializing in ADHD, cognitive (dementia), Emotional Support Animal (ESA), pre-surgical, and related diagnostic consultation/assessment. Common pattern for services is an initial diagnostic interview following by having the individual complete psychological instruments from convenience of their home on their own schedule. Once testing is completed, we meet again for a telehealth appointment reviewing test results and clarifying information and discuss recommendations.


Psychological Assessment

For children through later adult years, including


  • Autism Spectrum / Developmental

  • Disability / Workman’s Compensation

  • Emotional Support Animal

  • Gender Confirmation Surgery

  • General Diagnostic/Psychological Evaluation

  • Memory and related cognitive concerns (dementia)

  • Military Fitness for Duty

  • Presurgical evaluation (e.g., bariatric, kidney, liver, etc.)

Assessment Resources

For children, adolescents and adults we use a combination of telehealth interviews with online testing to complete requested evaluations.

Testing often includes the following instruments to answer your specific evaluation question(s):

  • Life History/Intake Questionnaire

  • "Personality Testing" (broad symptom inventory)

  • Daily Functional Capacity Questionnaire

  • Cognitive Concerns Questionnaire(s)

    • For children and adolescents these often are completed by parents and teachers​

  • Cognitive Performance Testing (online)​

  • Problem-Specific Questionnaires (depending on current concerns and history of medical/mental health concerns).

Insurance, Scheduling & Contact Us Form

For those with insurance, please first contact Great Lakes Psychology Group (GLPG) for scheduling: (800) 693-1616 

Alternatively you can use this link ( or the form to the side to check on availability through my private practice. Insurance (both in and out of network potentially accepted) and private pay (with deposit) options available. 

If you have any questions, do not see a time that matches your schedule, use the Contact Us form. I do my best to respond within 48 hours.

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