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What therapy or techniques do you use?

I work from an eclectic approach, focusing primarily on Cognitive-Behavioral, Problem-Solving and Interpersonal theories. Therapeutic practice and psychoeducational materials are used between sessions. Change happens not only in sessions but through practicing new skills and adopting new approaches between sessions (in living).

How long does therapy take?

Therapy sessions are scheduled for scheduled for 45 or 55 minutes. For individuals in more maintenance or check-in sessions after having achieved their treatment goals, we may schedule more brief (30 minutes) appointments if desired.

The number of sessions depends on many factors, including an individual's goals and objectives for therapy, completion of therapeutic work between sessions, and current functioning. My focus is on brief therapeutic work with many completing a course of treatment in 6-10 sessions. Trauma work often is longer-term (16-24 sessions).

How much will services cost?

Therapy costs vary by self-pay rates and insurance companies. Please contact your insurance company to check on your financial costs for services. Great Lakes Psychology Group & Advekit can also assist with providing you cost estimates. We will do our best to convey this information when received from your insurer.

Self-pay client service costs are based on income (sliding scale adjustment). See Fee Scale under the RESOURCES tab.

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